Are Tattoos Bad?


There are many reasons why tattoos are bad. These are permanent markers on one’s body. They often signify rebellion and counter culture.

Bikers’ groups like Hell’s Angels often make their members get a certain amount of tattoos before joining. These clubs are often involved in crime and illegal activity. This makes other people who have a lot of tattoos seem dodgy even though they might not be involved in criminal enterprises.

The reasons why tattoos are bad are aesthetic ones mainly. A person changes over the years and they might not feel like their tattoos represent them anymore. And also, a person might get really immature choices for their tattoos such as slogans like “trouble maker”, which they might not want on their body in their 60’s.

Tattoos also affect the perception of a person. Some organizations, even modelling agencies, do not want to hire a person with visible tattoos. They are looking for a more clean cut aesthetic, and tattoos do not fit into this mold.